Frats aren’t my thing.

This may be a random post. But i’m just ranting. Feel free to scroll past.

The way I see it, I don’t wanna have to pay a shit ton of money to have friends and a couple of greek letters on my clothes. Plus, I’m one of the most reserved people I know. Sure, i can hold a conversation with my friends, but i’m super awkward meeting people out of my comfort zone. And having to deal with a bunch of dudes I probably don’t wanna be friends with just doesn’t seem like a good use of my time. Plus, some frats around here don’t have the best of reputations. Hazing is something i’d rather not be a part of. This kid I know has been in a frat and all it’s led him to is doing hard drugs, which is something else I definitely don’t wanna be a part of.

I don’t have to pay money to make friends. I can do that on my own.

It’s cool if your in a frat, go ahead and do your thing. But my college path is not gonna involve being in a fraternity. I’m gonna make my way the only way I know how, relying and working on myself. I have the support of my friends around me, and they have my support, but i don’t need an extra thing like that in my life right now.

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